We Have Tailored Our Membership With You In Mind

Here are a few questions to read through to help you get a better sense of the elevated experience you will have as a member ofThe HS Club.


What is The HS Club?

The HS Club is a space for persons that appreciate the spirit and tradition of Hot Sams . Believe it or not the club is not gender specific, though it certainly may appeal more to those with masculine taste, however taste is an individual preference. The HS Club prides itself on a diverse membership.
You reference this as a "Loyalty Program .” What do you mean by that?

The HS club is a subsidiary of the store with most of the monthly dues going towards exclusive shopping privileges and perks. Essentially members are making a commitment that Hot Sams will be their men's clothier of choice. Our most loyal customers will make Hot Sams their one stop shop and in return we have created this unique elevated experience.

How big a deal are the shopping privileges?

Really Big! If you like to shop and get the latest in season fashions and be ahead of the shopping curve. Then you will agree that The HS Club perks and privileges are well worth it. We are constantly thinking of innovative ways to entice our members and keep you satisfied. We welcome your feedback. 
Where is it?

The HS Club is located Downtown Detroit within Hot Sams The Store at 127 Monroe Street.
What are the club hours?

The Club Concierge and Perks are available during normal store business hours throughout the week for members to utilize.  The Grooming Services are available by appointment only at this time. We are happy to accommodate as best we can to our members unique requests. 

Is there a dress code in the Club?

We are firm believers in tradition where gentleman wear finely tailored suits, however there is no formal dress code in the club. Well maintained attire is always recommended. Feel free to loosen up your shirt and tie when you embark on any services within the club and especially at the members only events.

Will the number of members be limited?

Certainly. We aspire to create an environment that is attractive and appealing to those who desire exclusivity. No one wants to be a member of a club that is not selective. We take our selection process seriously and will always maintain a comfortable capacity level. We do value our members referrals, in fact members are encouraged to bring up to 2 guests (21 and older) either male or female to our members only events.  

How much does membership cost?

There is 1 level of membership at this time — all of which include the Club’s full list of perks and members-only events.    Just as you tailor your suit, your membership can be tailored to fit your needs. Consult with the Concierge to see how we can alter the membership to suit you. 

  • The HS CLUB MEMBERSHIP : $39 per month and gives you full access to our Club Concierge and the convenience it will bring to you.  Entitles a member access to grooming services: Haircut, Manicure & Shoe Shine. Members receive 25% off all store purchases and specially selected birthday gift.  The Club Concierge is at the service of each member to provide added convenience with personal in store shopping sprees and pulling selected items before your store arrival. To accommodate your lifestyle allow our Club Concierge to make reservations and recommendations to our local partnered establishments in the restaurant and hotel industry and inquire about our transportation service.  The one-time initiation fee is currently $59.00 and the monthly dues are $39/month. The ideal member lives or works in Downtown Detroit and has adopted to the lifestyle and the culture.

membership Option


  • $59 one-time initiation, $39 monthly dues
  • Exclusive members card w/initiation fee
  • Complimentary pair of initial cuff links w/initiation fee
  • Includes unlimited access to all 3 Grooming Services  
  • Full access to The Club Concierge
  • A host of monthly members-only shopping perks and privileges
  • Invitation to Members Only Events
  • Members Only Hotline
  • And More.....

*Please allow the HS Club sufficient time to work for you. We recommend a 3 month / quarterly commitment to really reap the benefits of the club.*