Hot Sam's founder, Sam Freedman, was interested in transitioning out of the retail business in the early 1990's. In 1994, Hot Sam's top salesmen, Tony Stovall (R) and Cliff G. Green (L), purchased Hot Sam's, taking the store to another level.

Since their leadership Hot Sams has flourished as one of the top men's retailers in Detroit and a staple in the Detroit community with ongoing impactful events such as the annual fundraiser for United Negro College Fund (UNCF), participating in career days and initiating "Dress For Success" programs at Wayne County Community College (WCCC). Hot Sams continues to provide summer employment and job shadowing opportunities to the youth in the Detroit community. Hot Sams' investment has always been to the City of Detroit and the people of Detroit.

Cliff G. Green

CFO of hot sams

Cliff is often seen ringing the register behind the cash wrap in the store. That comes as no surprise with his extensive business background. After graduating from Northeastern High School where he took up a trade in tailoring, making him a master tailor. Cliff went on to study business with a minor in Human Resources from The University of Detroit. He has worked in retail since 1967 starting out in 10th grade then moving corporate with JL Hudson in 1974 where he moved up the ranks from being a buyer to a manager then to a personnel director. He brought his skills over to Hot Sams in 1981 and the rest is history. Cliff is not all business as he is also a sports enthusiast and had played a wide range of sports from baseball to tennis. He enjoys engaging in sports talk with clients while fitting them for a suit. Cliff has been married for 25 years and counting with 8 children and has 7 grand children. His son Chaste is gearing towards being a top salesman at the store and is learning tailoring skills like his father.

Tony Stovall

CEO of hot sams

Tony is known for having the "Gift of Gab" it is this gift that has made him known as somewhat of a legend within the city of Detroit. Tony graduated from SouthEastern High School and confidently brags about being a "jungaleer".  Where he was voted best dressed. After high school he aspired to become an electrical engineer and attended the Detroit Institute of Technology. Tony started working at Hot Sams in 1974 starting out as a salesman and quickly becoming the top salesman, then a buyer and coincidentally he had a hand in hiring Cliff Green as a salesman along with the owners at that time in 1981. These days Tony is often immediately heard when you walk in the store with a profound voice that carries. He proudly markets and networks for Hot Sams wherever he goes. Very rarely seen not in a suit.  He holds many titles within the community and was most recently the former President of The Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce. He is an active and founding member of The Empowerment Church. Tony has been married and for 38 years and counting with 3 daughters and 1 grand daughter. his middle daughter Lauren is following in his footsteps with her fashion styling abilities and innovative ideas that she is adding to the store.

His favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13

" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."