In todays day and age where modern is seen as better, it's not as often that you see a group of men dressing up to enjoy a sophisticated night out on the town. There's not a more fitting spot in the area than Downtown Detroit to do so! With a night life scene that is constantly changing and evolving, there's a little bit of something for everybody to enjoy. Choosing to enjoy a night out at more sophisticated spots with dress codes might seem like a thing of the past when casual is the norm, but it's a great way to add an air of elegance to what would have otherwise been a regular night out on the town.

Dressing up and looking your best is known to have an effect on how others perceive you, but more importantly it can make you feel your best! This is why we recommend taking the time and effort to plan and organize a night out with your friends that goes above and beyond the usual sports bar experience. We're here with a suggestion to make your night in Downtown Detroit as classy and memorable as possible!

Using transportation with a Michigan Limo Company for a night out elevates your experience by providing convenience, and you can't deny the appeal of an elegant limousine taking you from one destination to the next! With a professional chauffeur, there are no worries about finding a trustworthy designated driver or dealing with traffic and parking.

You're able to enjoy classy classic spots like Cliff Bell's, Angelina's, Roast, or anywhere else that catches your eye and rings true to the spirit of the celebrations. It's worthy to mention that the features in limousines and party buses go above and beyond anything that is available to you in a taxi cab or ride share service. There's a reason why people turn to professional transportation services to add an air of luxury to their event, regardless of what it might be. The addition of a party bus or limousine is sure to complete your classy night out!

One of the best ways to enjoy strolling through Downtown Detroits hottest spots is to reserve professional transportation such as a limousine or party bus, but be sure to elevate your style as well. Dressing up with attire from Hot Sam's Detroit allows you to introduce even more elegance to your get together. Consider perusing the selection of dress up attire from Hot Sam's Detroit before heading out on the town. With their selection and knowledgeable staff, you'll be leaving with the best possible fit for your body and style. It is sure to make a difference in how you carry yourself and experience the night.



Full Length Over Coats and Fedora Hats

Auto Show Charity Preview 2017 is approaching!

Get the Classic & Sophisticated Detroit Look

 Tony Stovall (2nd from left) & Cliff G. Green (3rd from left) Owners of Hot Sams at The Auto Show Charity Preview with friends. 

Tony Stovall (2nd from left) & Cliff G. Green (3rd from left) Owners of Hot Sams at The Auto Show Charity Preview with friends. 

The Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview is a time to step out in the city in Style!

Hot Sams Detroit has you covered (literally)! There's nothing more appropriate than a full length Wool/Cashmere Blend Overcoat to top off your tuxedo or suit. Then to top off your overcoat you simply must have a matching Wool Fedora hat to complete the look. Stop in and see us to get the Look.

when choosing a hat to go with your overcoat, you practically can’t go wrong. but the overcoat and brimmed hat combination creates a classy, sophisticated vibe.
— Hot Sams Team

Burgundy is the New Black

Burgundy For Men

This winter it’s a clear certainty that burgundy is a growing color. This is one of our favorite colors of all times for its rich depth. Whether it’s a warm sweater or sports coat or suit this is an essential winter color to add to your wardrobe.  

 Burgundy Suit from Hot Sams Detroit

Burgundy Suit from Hot Sams Detroit

We are enjoying all the possibilities this color has. It has become similar to a neutral color for the Winter months. Burgundy pairs well with other on trend colors and a variety of different patterns, making it easily adaptable to suit your personal style. 

Investing in a statement sweater/sports coat in burgundy could prove particularly beneficial. Plus, with a few months left before the temperature starts to pick up again, you’ll get plenty of use out of it.